Cockroach Catastrophe


The garden was bursting with fruit that was ripe,

And all bugs were welcome, no matter their type.

And though they were different, they still got along,

But, sadly, this peace didn’t last very long.


“The garden’s in trouble!”  A cockroach declared,

“And all of you bugs should be worried and scared. 

The threat of invasion is horribly real,

For all that we have, other bugs want to steal!”


“Outside of this garden, those other bugs dream,

Of having all this, so they plot and they scheme.

But no need to panic, I know what to do –

Let me be the cockroach who’ll fix it for you!”


He spoke with such gusto, such vigour and vim,

That everyone shouted, “We must follow him!

He has no credentials; he’s new to the job,

But he’s still our man,” cried the gullible mob.   


“But hang on,” an elderly grasshopper cried,

“We don’t need this leader!  Who else has applied?

There’s plenty for all, so where is the big threat?

If he has some proof, he’s not shown us it yet!”


But nobody listened to Grasshopper’s plea.

They lapped up the cockroaches’ words with great glee.

And soon they were chanting his catchy refrain,

“Let’s all make our garden a great place again!”


And, not even stopping to ponder their fate,

They made him the leader of garden and state.

Then sitting up high on the very best flower,

That Cockroach knew now he had absolute power.


He looked down below with a hideous grin,

“I still can’t believe those fools voted me in!” 

Then called for his team – quite a sinister bunch –

Of cockroaches, wasps, and a rat eating lunch.


They swarmed through the garden, they stole every seat.

They swiped every morsel, took all they could eat.

And now with his army put firmly in place,

The Cockroach stood up with a smirk on his face.


“So now I decree – no outsiders at all!

To keep them all out, I will build a big wall.

Along every inch, I shall station a guard,

Then no one can pass, it will be much too hard.”


Though some of the garden folk listened with dread,

“He’s building a wall?  Is he out of his head?”

Still, more of the others approved this great plan,

“Put up a big wall?  Well, you know that we can!”


Old grasshopper cried, “This is not what we need!

This bug only thinks of himself and his greed!”

But Cockroach declared, “I don’t care for your views,

Whatever you say- I’ll just call it fake news.”


The guards on the wall looked below and said, “Hello!

We’ll only take those who are brown, black and yellow.

Now no need to argue, please don’t make a fuss!

You’re fine to come in, if you look just like us.”


The bugs at the border cried, “Please let us in,

They’ve cut down our grass; put our homes in the bin!

Our children are hungry, our cupboards are bare.”

But cockroach just said, “And I simply don’t care!”


The beautiful garden now looked like a bin.

The rat had moved all of his family in.

The wasps had erected an oversized nest.

The great cockroach army were acting the pest.


And if any insect should dare to complain,

The poor soul was not seen, or heard from again.

The cockroach, he sneered, “I don’t care how it ends,

As long as it works out for me and my friends.”


“Now listen to me, what I say must be done.

And here are my rules – you’ll obey every one!

And should you dare question what I have to say,

I’ll order my army to take you away!”


“All ladybird boys must be gone at first light,

They don’t fit their name, and that cannot be right.

And as for those snails who are both girl and boy –

This kind of weird thing, well, it’s best to destroy.”


“The old and the injured are no use at all,

And past contributions won’t cushion their fall.

The weak and the poor cannot benefit me –

As everyone knows, I give nothing for free.”


Now more of the insects began to feel scared,

And spoke in a hush, ‘This is worse than we feared!

It seems his agenda is hate, fear and greed.

It’s perfectly clear he’s a bad bug indeed.”


“We can’t let him rule, we must think of a way –

A bug is a bug, at the end of the day!

No matter what colour, what size, shape or form,

We all have a right to live here on the lawn”.


“We don’t want his hate, and we don’t want his greed,

 We will respect others, and help those in need!

Let’s look to the future – our garden’s at stake!

He needs some reminding it’s not his to take.”


They gathered together, to march on the flower.

“Let’s show him who really has absolute power!

If he wants a war, then a war we will give him.

Its war on his hatred, and we’ll never give in!”


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